The Sprout Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to showcasing films related to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Through innovative programming we hope to raise awareness and spark discussion about the concerns and achievements of individuals with I/DD. By presenting films of artistry and intellect, the festival hopes to reinforce accurate portrayals of individuals within this community and expose the general public to important issues they face. The goal is an enjoyable and enlightening experience that will help breakdown stereotypes and promote a greater acceptance of differences and awareness of similarities.

The Sprout Film Festival was founded in 2003 and is programmed and supported by Sprout, a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing innovative programming to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Sprout Film Festival is the largest and original festival of its kind.

In order to qualify for consideration into the Sprout Touring Film Festival entrants must comply with ALL of the following Rules and Eligibility Requirements. Failure to comply with these rules will render a submission ineligible:

  • Submissions must feature a subject with an I/DD or be made by a filmmaker with an I/DD. We do not accept films in which an able-bodied actor portrays a character with an I/DD.
  • Applicants must submit an individual application for each project they choose to submit.
  • If there are any circumstances that might conflict with the film screening in the festival such as theatrical release, please make a note of it in the application. If you send in a signed application and your submission is accepted into the festival, you are obligated to permit Sprout to screen the film.
  • All foreign language film submissions must have English subtitles.
  • All lengths and genres are accepted.
  • There is no restriction as to when the film was made.
  • Submission and acceptance into the Sprout Film Festival indicates that Sprout has the right to use select images and clips in printed and digital materials.
  • The Sprout Film Festival does not pay rental/ screener fees to filmmakers.
  • The Sprout Film Festival does not accept responsibility for damaged or lost materials while in transit.

All submissions must include the following:

  • Applicants must complete and sign the online application or by mailing all application materials to Sprout Film Festival, 270 West 96th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10025 USA.
  • All applications must include a screener. Applicants can provide a link to the film or a digital download. In DVD’s are mailed, they must include a completed application. Unmarked DVD’s will not be eligible for consideration.
  • The Sprout Film Festival does not cover shipping costs for filmmakers who choose to mail in application materials.
  • All applications must include an entry fee. If you submitted a film to a past Sprout Film Festival, we will waive the submission fee for new submissions.
    • $20 for films under 30 minutes
    • $30 for films over 30 minutes


The film festival selection committee will select and invite films at their discretion. Everyone who submits a film will be contacted via email regarding acceptance into the festival.


Rolling deadline.

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Film Information

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Entry Fee

$20 Entry Fee for films under 30 minutes$30 Entry Fee for films over 30 minutesFee Waived (if you submitted a film to a past Sprout Film Festival, we will waive the fee for new submissions)Check by postal mail

Please note that you will be directed to an entry fee payment page upon submission of this form. You must input the appropriate amount on the payment page if you choose to pay online – incorrect payments will result in a rejection of your application.


Submission materials will not be returned and will become property of the Sprout Film Festival. By signing this form you are giving permission for your film to be available for the Sprout Film Festival and the Sprout Touring Film Festival.

I have read and understood the submission guidelines of the Sprout Film Festival. All statements in this document are true. I certify that I have cleared all rights for this film and understand that no officers, employees or agents of the Sprout Film Festival can be held liable for the contents or damage to the film.


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