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Since 1979, Sprout’s travel program is dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities grow through challenging and safe travel experiences and social activities.  Operating close to one hundred domestic and international trips every year, Sprout provides its participants an array of travel opportunities in the company of their peers and with the supervision and support of our exceptional Sprout Leaders. We offer a wide array of trip options including ever-popular destinations like Lake George, Boston, Cape Cod, Atlantic CityOrlando, Virginia Beach and Washington D.C; special theme trips have included Baseball Hall Of Fame, Amusement Parks trip and Cruises. Through the years, Sprout has offered international travel to cities in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico and many other exciting destinations.

In addition to selecting trips listed in our annual vacation brochure, Sprout also offers a Custom Design Program for agencies to tailor a trip to the specific needs and interests of their group. It is the perfect way to accommodate the schedule, enhanced care requirements and budgetary concerns for your travelers. You can select the dates, length of trip and destination – and we will arrange the rest!  Contact us today for more information or for a trip proposal.

  • My brother is a frequent vacationer thanks to Sprout. He thoroughly looks forward to and enjoys every trip he has gone on. Thanks for creating these experiences for him and the others who could not do this on their own.

    Sister of participant 22 years with Sprout
  • In human services it is so very important to be flexible and helpful to insure the persons we all serve have the best possible service and fun on their own well deserved vacations. Your organization showed interest, care, flexibility and helpfulness in a professional and cheerful manner. THANK YOU!”-

    Crystal Run Village 15 years with Sprout
  • You can be very proud of your programs and staff. It is very easy to distinguish between those people that are truly dedicated and care about their clients, and those who do not.

    Parent of Participant 19 years with Sprout
  • Many thanks for providing our consumers with a memorable custom-designed vacations. Whenever a group of individuals return from a vacation they are all grinning from ear to ear totally at ease and completely bonded.

    Stony Ford Foundation 12 years with Sprout
  • Thanks to Sprout’s dynamic and felixble program, consumers who normally could not travel were able to do so this year with outstanding results. Due to the energetic, caring Sprout staff, consumers return home with memories of happy times, acceptance and new friends made.

    Service Coordinator 10 years with Sprout

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and despite great efforts from the staff, volunteers and our generous community of supporters, we have come to the disheartening realization that there is no viable way to continue with our travel and recreation programs.

As of June 30, 2021 we will no longer offer our travel and recreation programs and will be focusing exclusively on our film distribution service Sproutflix (