The Daily News Online BATAVIA — Genesee ARC’s 4th Annual Sprout Film Festival & Speaker Series will feature Rachel Simon, award-winning author of “The Story of Beautiful Girl” and “Riding the Bus with My Sister.” The March 22 event will be at Genesee Community College’s BEST Center. Doors open at noon, with Simon scheduled to […]

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Baltimore CityBizList The Sprout Film Festival, a festival of short films and music videos by and about people with developmental disabilities, will be presented by The Arc Baltimore and Towson University’s Hussman Center for Adults with Autism on Sunday, March 2. Founded in New York in 2003, the Sprout Film Festival “is designed to raise the profile […]

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New York Times By: Glenn Collins ”All right, there it is,” said Anthony DiSalvo, eyeing the green and gold tent he had just raised with the help of two campers. ”Take a look at how your house looks inside.” Tentatively, 25-year-old Alan Merritt and 34-year-old Richard McIntosh peered in. Mr. McIntosh crouched and poked his […]

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Due to COVID-19, sprout has suspended all programming. Our nonprofit is in urgent need of

funding, so that we may resume our supportive travel programs, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please share our GoFundMe campaign and give if you can. #SaveSprout