Sprout is dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities grow through challenging, creative and fun experiences that enhance socialization, self-confidence and inclusion.

Since its founding in 1979, Sprout has provided a year-round travel program of vacations as well as a year-round program of day and evening cultural, social and art-related activities in New York City for people with developmental disabilities. Since 1995, Sprout has run an annual weekend-long music and arts festival for an average of 225 people with developmental disabilities complete with live bands, video screenings, interactive art projects, carnival games, and other entertainment.

In 1994 we created our Make-A-Movie Program which uses people with developmental disabilities in all the major acting roles. In 2003 we founded the annual Sprout Film Festival to showcase film and video related to the field of developmental disabilities, made in the United States and abroad.

Our principal activities are as follows:

  1. A year-round travel program
  2. Sproutstock; our annual weekend-long music and arts festival.
  3. Make-A-Movie Program: producing videos using people with developmental disabilities in major roles.
  4. Sprout Film Festival: our annual weekend-long festival in NYC and touring festival showcasing films and videos related to the field of developmental disabilities.

Due to COVID-19, sprout has suspended all programming. Our nonprofit is in urgent need of

funding, so that we may resume our supportive travel programs, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please share our GoFundMe campaign and give if you can.

charity.gofundme.com/help-save-sprout #SaveSprout