The Lorenzo Commentaries

 In Touring Film Festival

Sprout Film Festival Director, Anthony Di Salvo, sits with Portland’s Lorenzo Raffa of The Lorenzo Commentaries heard Thursday Mornings on WMPG 90.0 & 104.1FM. Listen as they discuss the Sprout Film Festival.


This weekly commentary is heard on WMPG-FM’s “Hukkin’ a Chainek” hosted by Steve Hirshon. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, other times totally out there, but always worth your two to three minutes. Lorenzo has been a part of ‘MPG since it was a mono, 50 watt station out of the University of Southern Maine’s Gorham campus in 1988. His show, a formatless affair entitled “Emotionally Bankrupt & Morally in Debt” ran for six years; the commentaries will begin its third year in July ’06, and are are one of the most downloaded achives on Enjoy!

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