Ida Lomholt Andersen, 2015

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Lake GeorgeI decided to quit my university studies to try completely new things – Having no experience at all in the disability field, I was very insecure whether I should volunteer or not, but I wanted to see a part of the world I had not seen before, and I wanted to work with people instead of studying and looking at my computer all day. By coincidence I found Sprout through a Danish organization.

My first trip went to Lake George. We started out with an hour-long late night shopping spree (this was when I realized I was in America!) where we bought so much food, that we all could have a barbecue almost every day for a week. One day we took the food to the highest point near Lake George, and some of the participants helped make the food, while others enjoyed 11745342_10153448148810792_5076268210349697434_nthe view.

The best part about Sprout was going on the trips and doing my best to give everybody a really nice and fun experience. The times when a couple of the participants declared: “We never want to go home!” I really felt I had made a difference. 11252348_10153448150675792_293968953527809961_n (1)To make a good vacation, you have to plan the activities, control the budget and a lot of other more practical tasks, and sometimes you go to bed very late and wake up way to early. A new trip meant new people, so you quickly had to get to know the participants.

I was so lucky to be on trips with some wonderful and dedicated co-leaders. I have met so many great people. If a friend asked me if he should volunteer for Sprout, I would tell him to do it. By volunteering you experience a country in a much more authentic way than if you came as a tourist. You get to meet so many nice people and you get some unique experiences and make a difference in somebody’s life.

Volunteering with Sprout proved to me that I wanted to work with people, and after having returned to Denmark I have continued to work with people with developmental disabilities. I really miss the trips though, and I am definitely returning to Sprout.


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