Lake George is a vacationer’s paradise with theme parks, mini-golf, souvenir stands, shopping outlets, restaurants and nightclubs. A boat cruise on the lake will allow us to enjoy the magnificent scenery in a leisurely manner.

One of Sprout’s favorite destinations, we’ve been returning to this area in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains for over 30 years! If we want to escape from the colorful arcade action of Lake George Village, we can take a drive up to Prospect Mountain for a picnic surrounded by spectacular views. There are also plenty of lakeside dining options where we can enjoy a meal while watching the skiers and parasails glide by.

All sections offer departures in NYC & New Paltz, NY



Thursday, July 9 – Monday, July 13 (5 days)



Wednesday, August 5 – Sunday, August 9
(5 days)



Questions? Contact Raya Harris, Sprout’s Program Director at 888-222-9575 or


  • “Lake George is my favorite destination because of the small town. Once you arrive you can get anywhere without the GPS. The people who live there treat us with kindness and are always helping. The small shops are full of unique clothing and jewelry, you can walk from the town to the water.”

    Kaitlyn Hampton Sprout Leader since 2013
  • “I really like Lake George. It’s such a beautiful place with the lake and the mountains around, all green and calm but still many fun activities to do. And what I like most is the hotel with the BBQ grill outside. We had a blast last year making hot dogs. And the fireworks next to the lake in the evening are just amazing.”

    Manuela Mueller Sprout Leader since 2013
  • “The best thing about Lake George was having BBQ on top of the mountain with a magic view of the lake. Every Sunday night, during the summertime, there are colorful fireworks and if you’re lucky enough you can manage to go to the rodeo, which is just a few miles from the town.”

    Chiara Peretti Sprout Leader since 2014


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    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and despite great efforts from the staff, volunteers and our generous community of supporters, we have come to the disheartening realization that there is no viable way to continue with our travel and recreation programs.

    As of June 30, 2021 we will no longer offer our travel and recreation programs and will be focusing exclusively on our film distribution service Sproutflix (