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The sand and surf await us. Bush Gardens theme park, one of the many options on this trip, will yield many thrilling rides and shows. The boardwalk offers boating, seaside dining and live music. A stopover in Washington, DC will also be included.

This trip also departs from Carteret, NJ



Monday June 5, 2017 – Sunday June 11, 2017       (7 days)




Monday July 3, 2017 – Sunday July 9, 2017              (7 days)




Tuesday August 8, 2017 – Monday August 14, 2017 (7 days)


Questions? Contact Scott Randall, Director of Operations at 888-222-9575 or

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  • “In Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens is always a high. We took one person up on the biggest roller coaster. She was brave and had so much fun! A highlight on another trip was going to an old time dinner movie theater where you can order at your table and watch a movie. That was a treat!”

    Myla YeeSprout Leader since 1997
  • “Busch Gardens was a lot of fun for everyone and we were even able to stop in DC for a few hours and see the White House. We went to the beach and collected many colorful seashells.”

    Chiara PerettiSprout Leader since 2014


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