15 min. / documentary / 1970 / USA
This ground breaking documentary, premiered at the White House Conference on Children (1970), portrays the behaviors and achievements of Georgia, a four year old girl with autism, in her special education class.
35 min. / documentary / 2008 / USA
A performing arts studio for adults with developmental disabilities changes the perception of Hollywood casting agents and producers enabling them to hire these trained actors to play characters with disabilities in film and television.
55 min. / documentary / 2010 / Australia
Alone in a Crowded Room explores the line between ability and disability and takes us beyond our preconceptions of autism, one of the most mysterious and challenging disorders of our time.
40 min. / documentary / 2004 / USA
Sue Rubin has autism. With the help of a facilitated communication board, she takes the audience inside, on an extraordinary journey to explain what she feels and does.
4 min. / documentary / 2011 / USA
A short film about a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome, whose family makes a conscious decision not to fit in.
2 1/2 min. / Claymation / 2002 / Scotland
A clerk has closed his bank for the night when a robber bursts in and steals all the money. The bank robber flees with the police in hot pursuit. He crashes his truck into a tree, is captured and thrown into jail. Meanwhile the bank takes the reward!
63 min. / documentary / 2007 / USA
An award winning and deeply profound feature, this beautifully shot film is about one family’s struggle to heal their son with autism.
52 min. / documentary/ 1998 / USA
Following the struggle of the Shepard family over a period of five years, this powerful and evocative video documents the slow, painful process of reaching one child with autism.
5 min. / documentary / 2008 / USA
A child whose sister or brother has a disability also has his or her own "special needs." This five-minute piece captures the diverse and often unrecognized challenges of being a special needs sibling, during the weekly meeting of a sibling support group.
4 min. / documentary / 2007 / Germany / in German with English subtitles
A unique and artistically made documentary by a young filmmaker who assumes that he might have Asperger’s Syndrome.