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  • Anthony Di Salvo
    Anthony Di SalvoFounder/Executive Director
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    Anthony Di Salvo is the founder and executive director of Sprout, a private, non-profit organization that offers innovative programming related to the field of developmental disabilities. In 1979 Anthony created a travel program for people with developmental disabilities and has overseen the growth of the travel program from its beginnings to now serving over 1,800 people annually.

    In 1994 Anthony created Sprout’s Make-A-Movie Program through which he has produced several award-winning videos featuring people with developmental disabilities as actors and as subjects of documentaries. Anthony has written, directed and edited 13 short films that have been seen on television and in festivals around the world.

    In 2003 Anthony founded the annual Sprout Film Festival. The Sprout Film Festival is the first and only festival to exclusively showcase films featuring people with developmental disabilities. In 2006, he started touring the US and Canada with the film festival. In 2008, he also started running workshops for interested agencies/conferences across the US in Making Videos Featuring People with Developmental Disabilities and The Relationship of Film to the Field of Developmental Disabilities.

    In 2009 be created Sproutflix – the only distributor of films specifically and exclusively related to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Anthony was honored with the 2010 AAIDD Media Award for his efforts to increase understanding and acceptance in the field of developmental disabilities, thru his innovative filmmaking and film programming.

    • Scott Randall
      Scott RandallDirector of
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      Scott began working with and supporting persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities while he was in college.  He worked in residential, vocational and day program settings before joining the Sprout team in 1998.

      Scott started working with Sprout as the NYC Program Coordinator.  He became the Program Director for the organization and assisted with all facets of programming and operations before leaving in early 2014.

      Scott has happily returned to Sprout as the Director of Operations.  He holds BA and MPA degrees and has over 25 years of experience working in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Over 15 of those years have been with Sprout.

      • Wanitta Berry
        Wanitta BerryNYC/OPWDD Program Coordinator
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        Wannita Berry’s experience with the I/DD population is both personal and professional.  She has been working with individuals with I/DD for 2 years. She has a Bachelors in Human Services/Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology. She loves the outdoors and is always open to new experiences. She’s a dedicated team payer but most importantly an avid believer in equality.

        • Cody Blakley
          Cody BlakleyDirector of Leadership
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          Comming soon.

          • Annisha Abidh
            Annisha AbidhCo-Director of Leadership
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            Annisha joined Sprout in 2004 as a Trip Leader and has led over 150 vacations trip- her favorite is the Dude Ranch!  She has also worked with many organizations as a direct care provider and has travelled through Europe and the Caribbean. She currently works in Leadership and provides on-the-road training for new leaders.  She is also in the process of finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys playing sports, cooking and photography.

            • Laura Cohen
              Laura CohenFilm Program Manager
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              Coming Soon.

              • Harriet Yaffe
                Harriet YaffeFilm Program Consultant
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                 Harriet S. Yaffe recently retired from her position as the Executive Director of the Arc of Southern Maryland.  She has been involved in the field of I/DD for 38 years, including the founding of ICON Community Services in 1985. In her various roles, she initiated a series of major programs with the goal of promoting community living and employment opportunities for people with disabilities living in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

                Harriet has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling from the University of Maryland, from which she graduated cum laude in 1975. She has served on the boards of directors of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, Calvert Hospice, Calvert United Way, the Southern MD Workforce Investment Board, the Southern MD Higher Education Center, and Leadership Southern Maryland.  She is Past President of the Maryland Association of Community Services and the Arts Council of Calvert County. In her spare time, Harriet is a pianist and vocalist. 

                • Fatih Tunay
                  Fatih TunayWeb & Technology Consultant
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                   Coming soon…

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